Fresh Start

It has been nearly a month since my last post. For over two years now, I’ve woken up early each Sunday morning to write the blog’s weekly post. There are certainly times when the words come easier than others – though it’s often those challenging pieces, the ones that really make me strain my imagination for each word, that I end up being most proud of. In the same vein, some posts are much more enjoyable to write than others. While I occasionally attempt to convince myself otherwise, writing will never be fun in the truest sense – not like fishing, anyways. But there are times when the letters flow straight from my brain onto the page like an undammed river, mornings when words come so effortlessly it’s like the piece is writing itself; it’s these moments, spent freely typing in the blissful silence of Sunday morning, that I cherish, and frankly, miss.

The absence of posts is certainly not for a lack of trying. I can’t even count the number of drafts I’ve started over the past month, only to abandon the pieces at various levels of completion. It’s hard to be satisfied with your work when it lacks inspiration, and it’s hard to find inspiration when you struggle to even hit the water. In all honesty, the last time I went fishing was on the fourth of December, just a day before my last post. A combination of a lack of time and poor conditions have kept me busy with other activities since then, though the desire to cast a line has been nagging all the while.

So, with the advent of a new year, I hope to have a fresh start in 2023. I look forward to resuming my regular Sunday morning writing and Monday posting, even if that means reaching into the backlog of drafts a bit. Most of all, I’m excited for the clean slate a new year brings, a full 12 months and 4 seasons to enjoy every second of.

As you read this, it’s likely I’m on my first fishing trip of the year. Every adventure has to start somewhere, and I’m excited to start the adventure of 2023 fishing some of my favorite small streams for wild trout. After a month-long hiatus and a few semi-miserable days spent trapped at home after getting my wisdom teeth removed (side note: I couldn’t be more eager for a fresh start on food – cream of wheat and pureed soup is starting to get REALLY old), there’s nowhere I’d rather be than standing in the cold waters of a trout stream.

As the year progresses, I envision starting over again in other aspects of the sport – from exploring new spots to chasing unusual species to trying unfamiliar tactics, there are plenty of ways to begin anew. As I do so, I can’t wait to take you along for the ride. Sharing my experiences and ideas on the blog has been a weekly ritual of mine for over two years now, and I’m looking forward to another year of doing the same.

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