It all starts with a passion.

Fishing is one of the few activities that combines athletics, art, strategy, and knowledge. In other words, it is addicting no matter what you excel at. I got a taste of this dangerous drug at a fairly young age at my favorite remote lake in all of Maine. That first small fallfish sparked an incredible addiction that just keeps getting worse (or better, depending on how you think about it). From the lowly chub I discovered the intense sport of bass fishing, the intricate art of fly-fishing, and the ever-evolving field of fisheries biology. I’ve traveled around New England and beyond, picking up many interesting tips, techniques, and ideas along the way. This blog is a place for me to share these things with you and the rest of the fishing community. Hope you enjoy!

Spencer Belson is an angler, fly-fisherman, fly tier, and aspiring fisheries conservationist from Northeastern Massachusetts. He was the New England winner of the 2021 Maine Sportsman Youth Writing Contest, as well as the winner of the 8th-10th grade division of the 2021 Trout Unlimited/Orvis Teen Essay Contest. He is also a Director-at-Large for his local Trout Unlimited chapter, and a Member-at-Large for MA Native Fish Coalition. When he’s not fishing or tying flies, you can find Spencer running, swimming, biking, playing baseball, and hiking. To contact him about custom fly orders, or just to talk, reach out through the contact page of the blog, or send him a DM on Instagram (@spencer_b_fishing) or Fishbrain (@sbelson).

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