Eskimo Hand Auger Review

It seems like the life of my first auger has finally come to an end. With a missing handle cap, a cracked handle, and dull blades, I think next year I’ll have to splurge and get myself another one, especially if the ice conditions are anything like they were this year. That being said, I enjoyed my time using this original one, an 8″ Eskimo hand auger.

The Eskimo hand augers are about as basic as they come. Comparatively, they are fairly light, with the eight-inch version weighing in at only seven-and-a-half pounds. The blades are also no-frills, coming straight and fairly sharp out of the box. There are two height settings, the taller of the two being more suitable for my six-foot frame.

The nice thing about the simplicity of the auger is the peace of mind that comes with it. There are no batteries to charge (or forget to), no gas tank to fill, no oil to check, and possibly most importantly, no massive price tag to fuss over.

The first hole being drilled with my new Eskimo 8″ hand auger.

At $65, I’m actually very glad with the amount of use I’ve gotten out of this tool. I’ve drilled hundreds of holes in three ice seasons, and although the blades have certainly became a little duller over time, it held up until the end of the season this year. Even with the 14″ of ice we had on some ponds this year, I was still able to get through in short order. Obviously, if I had purchased a smaller size, like the 6″, I would have got through a lot quicker because there would have been less ice to cut through. Nonetheless, I liked knowing I could fit any sized fish through the hole should I encounter a big one (which is always the goal, right?).

Are there faster hand augers on the market? Yes. Are there more durable hand augers out there? Without a doubt. But for someone just getting into the sport not looking to drop a couple hundred, this is probably the auger for you.

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